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Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

  1. The Sanctuary's dimensions are 144 x 46 feet and 45 feet high.  It seats approximately 900 people.
  2. The tower is 17 x 23 feet at the base and 160 feet high.  Structural damage necessitated sealing the exterior grill design in 1974.  Until that time, chimes were played from inside the sanctuary to broadcast from the tower.
  3. The cross on the east outside wall and on one sanctuary pew is an asymmetrical version of the "Jerusalem Cross" (this cross was called so because of its association with the Crusaders).  It is also found on the exterior of the Youth Center.
  4. The purpose of the sunken terrace is to give all rooms outside light.
  5. The reflecting pool (formerly on the north side of the bridge) was drained and filled in 1957 for multiple reasons: leaks, damage to the tower from the sun reflecting on the water and difficulty in keeping the pool clean.

Friends of First Christian Church Architecture

The mission of this is to preserve the architecture and design elements of FCC, a National Historic Landmark designed by Eliel & Eero Saarinen in 1942.

This fund was established in 2016 by leaders from FCC in partnership with Landmark Columbus as a way to address significant building issues and to insure the original design of this historic church is maintained for future generations.

Want to support this important work?
Go online to www.heritagefundbc.org/donate/ and then enter Friends of First Christian Church Architecture in the name field OR search Arts & Culture funds.


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